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NASA, FAA Bring Bring Air Traffic Control into 21st Century

Image by NASA.

Air traffic snarls and communication breakdowns can leave holiday flight plans up in the air. But NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration are working on a system they hope will break the logjam.

Read/listen to my full story at KJZZ’s Arizona Science Desk:
NASA, FAA Partner To Upgrade Air Traffic Control

Rethinking the Black Box: Is it Time for Cloud Storage?

Photo of two black boxes
Black boxes are neither black nor particularly boxy. Photo by Mrsocial99mfine.

The 2014 loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 revived a perennial argument among airline safety wonks: In the age of satellites, big data and cloud storage, why do we lock away essential flight data on a box that can go down with the plane? It wasn’t simply a question of losing the device, as nearly happened with the Air France Flight 447 crash five years earlier; it was the risk that, when we finally found it, the data we needed to understand the calamity might already have been erased.

Does the black box need a 21st-century update? And, if so, is cloud storage practical, affordable, reliable and secure enough to supplement or replace the status quo? In other words…

Should black box data be stored in the cloud?