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Zebrafish Make a Big Splash in Arizona Medical Research

Photo by Nicholas Gerbis.

Mammals might seem like better human stand-ins than a minnow’s striped cousin, but zebrafish resemble us in surprising and useful ways. But zebrafish also offer practical advantages over other model species: They’re cheap, hardy, breed like rabbits on Viagra, and their skin can be made transparent.

To find out more about how Arizona researchers are using zebrafish in their research, read/listen to my full story at KJZZ’s Arizona Science Desk:
Tiny Fish Makes A Big Splash In Arizona Medical Research

For Pancreatic Cancer, Biomarker Test Offers Chance for Early Detection

When cancer is detected,  the interaction of two nanoparticles creates a bright yellow signal (photo by Fei Lu, Houston Methodist Research Institute).

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States each year, in part because around four-fifths of cases go undetected until they have reached an advanced stage. But a new, biomarker-based test could soon change all that — and offer a way to monitor treatment outcomes.

Read/listen to my full story at KJZZ’s Arizona Science Desk:
Biomarker Test Offers Hope For Early Detection Of Pancreatic Cancer

TGen Brain Cancer Study Links Complexity to Treatability

TGen Headquarters. Photo by BenjaMurph.

New findings by the Translational Genomics Research Institute, or TGen, point to a surprising pattern in the brain cancer glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most common and deadly type of gliomas.

GBMs are aggressive, invasive and so genetically and structurally complex that advanced, targeted therapies have struggled to find vulnerabilities to attack.

Read/listen to my full story at KJZZ’s Arizona Science Desk:
TGen Brain Cancer Study Finds Surprising Benefit In Tumor Complexity

Drug Targets Offer Hope for Less Painful, More Survivable Pancreatic Cancer

Image courtesy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Image courtesy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Scientists have identified drug targets that could one day make pancreatic cancer less painful — and more survivable — by knocking out key molecular signals. The signals form an essential part of the process by which cancer cells invade and spread through nearby nerves, wounding nerve endings.

Read/listen to my full story at KJZZ’s Arizona Science Desk:

New Drug Targets Could Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Pain, Improve Outcomes

Marine Biology Breakthroughs: I Cover the Waterfront

Photo of coral, goldies and and two divers
Photo by Derek Keats.

In honor of World Oceans Day (June 8), here’s my recent article on some of the remarkable discoveries made by marine biologists over the past few years. From clearing up the murky “lost years” of juvenile turtles to further solidifying our understanding of a jellyfish’s final fate, these delvers of the deep have shrunk what Shakespeare called “the vasty deep” to something a bit more fathomable but no less amazing. Find out more as I take a deep dive into …

10 Recent Breakthroughs in Marine Biology