A jolly holiday with Mary?

When you have kids, a vacation can still be an awful lot of work. Should you bring your nanny along on the trip? Maybe you don’t typically employ a nanny, but are thinking of hiring one for a night or two so that you and your partner can have some romantic time together. In this article, I walk you through some of the considerations to keep in mind when making this tricky decision.

Should we bring our nanny on vacation?

Two rocket launchers and an ejector seat shy of a Bond car

Once upon a time, all you needed for a tricked-out ride were some wire wheels, bucket seats and whitewall tires. Welcome to the age of gadgetry, when even economy cars sport cool tech, and supercars are decked out in gear that runs the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous. The options can be overwhelming, so I wrote this article to help you narrow your wish list.

10 must-have car accessories

Island vacations that feel so fine you can’t control your brain

Island vacationers don’t just want to get away from it all. They want to get far, far away from anything resembling it all—preferably in some idyllic spot that offers natural beauty, soothing surf and diverse diversions when needed. In this article, I’ll break down my picks for the 10 best island options, taking into account factors such as fun, history, access, privacy, cost, popularity, beauty, climate, amenities and, of course, that elusive “wow factor.”

Top 10 island getaways

So I got that going for me, which is nice

The June 2007 Golf Digest introduced duffers everywhere to an odd new golf swing gaining popularity on the PGA Tour. The stack and tilt swing, developed by well-known PGA Tour instructors Michael Bennett and Andy Plummer, appeared so off-kilter that many golfers doubted they could imitate it without falling over, let alone use it to straighten out their hits and maximize their power. There was no arguing with results, however.

How the stack and tilt golf swing works

Awesome anglers, from Zane Grey to Hemingway

Everyone enjoys a good fish story, but how do you tell the true legends from the small fry? Should you go with individual achievement, like the man who landed a 1,600-pound shark in the Bahamas using only a boat anchor, or stick to amazing anglers like Sri Lankan stilt fishermen or the Chinese people that fished using cormorants and otters? It was a tough call, but for this article, I decided to go with the legends whose tales lured today’s great fishermen to the sport and still inspire them: the anglers’ anglers, in other words.

Top 5 most legendary fishermen

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