Cheaper to keep her: the real costs of auto maintenance

If you’re like me, every time your “check engine” light pops on, or some component starts emitting an odd noise (or smell), a tiny counter in your brain rolls forward like an odometer. Is this the Big One? Should you take your beloved beater off life support and shell out for a new ride instead?

Just how much is too much to spend on repairs? The answer might surprise you. Let’s start by looking at how much you should expect to pay for repairs over the lifetime of your car and then compare that to the cost of buying a new one.

How much does auto maintenance cost over time?

Seeing past the sticker: the cheapest cars to own

Sticker prices and financing aside, figuring out which car is really the cheapest to own can be a complicated affair. You have to consider the costs of sales tax, depreciation, fuel, interest on the loan, insurance, maintenance and repair. In this article, I’ll give you the rundown on the best deals over the long haul, broken down my MSRP, total cost of ownership (TCO) and vehicle category.

What cars have the lowest cost of ownership?

Which single piece of currency is worth the most?

Daniel Webster once said, “He who tampers with the currency robs labor of its bread.” That might be true, but it hasn’t prevented governments at home and abroad from revaluating, reissuing and just generally messing with these printed portraits of presidents and potentates. Was there ever a $100,000 bill? Find out as I reveal…

Which single piece of currency is worth the most?

Rolling the dice with liability insurance

Ambrose Bierce called insurance “an ingenious modern game of chance in which the player is permitted to enjoy the comfortable conviction that he is beating the man who keeps the table.” Liability auto insurance can shield you from the worst financial fallout of an accident, but it’s still a long shot that you’ll need it. When buying a policy, consider: How lucky do you feel, and how much do you stand to lose?

How much liability car insurance do I need?

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