From the clubhouse to the moon

Whether you regard golf as the epitome of Zen mind or, as Mark Twain put it, “a good walk spoiled,” you’ve probably wondered where and how such a peculiar pastime originated. Who would devise a sport that “consists of putting little balls into little holes with instruments very ill adapted to [the] purpose,” as one Oxford tutor noted? And furthermore, who thought that an expanse of hummocky, pitted grassland would make an ideal setting for it?

The Scots, that’s who.

Actually, the origins of golf are not quite that cut-and-dried. You might be surprised at who lays claim to the sport’s origin. You might also be astounded at the long history of women and minorities on the links, and some of the historic traditions and great players that have made the game what it is today.

What is the history of golf?

Driving under the radar

This article isn’t for you, because I know what a good driver you are, but maybe you have, let’s say, a friend. This friend has a bit of lead foot, is a fan of the stop-sign-roll-through, likes to tailgate, rabbits through traffic like a squirrel on speed and tends to get a bit mouthy with local law enforcement. Well, this article isn’t going to help your friend, but it might keep you from stumbling into an avoidable ticket.

5 tips for avoiding traffic tickets on a road trip

Danny Ocean, Rusty Griswold and 34 flying Elvises parachute into a bar

The choice to bring your kids to Las Vegas or leave them home hinges on whether you’re planning some family fun or revving up for a “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” weekend. Sounds straightforward, right? Well, that depends on how well you know what the city has to offer for kids and how much everything costs. In this article, I give you the rundown so you can make an informed decision.

Should you bring your kids on a Vegas vacation?

A jolly holiday with Mary?

When you have kids, a vacation can still be an awful lot of work. Should you bring your nanny along on the trip? Maybe you don’t typically employ a nanny, but are thinking of hiring one for a night or two so that you and your partner can have some romantic time together. In this article, I walk you through some of the considerations to keep in mind when making this tricky decision.

Should we bring our nanny on vacation?

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