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Endocrine Pollutants Spike in U.S. Rivers During Low-Flow Periods

The Santa Cruz River just north of Sahuarita, Arizona. Photo by $1LENCE D00600D.

The pipeline leak that spilled sewage into Arizona’s Santa Cruz River is sealed, but another pollution problem persists — one many other American waterways share.

Contaminants of emerging concern, or CECs, are chemicals from drugs and personal care products that most wastewater treatment plants don’t filter out. Some, including estrogenic compounds from products like synthetic birth control, disrupt the hormones of aquatic wildlife, harming reproduction.

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U.S. Streams Like Santa Cruz River See High Endocrine Pollutant Concentrations During Low-Flow

Plan to Help Fish in Central Arizona Lakes Gets Underway

Photo by George Andrejko/AZGFD.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has begun dropping fake plants and other habitat into Roosevelt Lake. Widely varying lake levels at Roosevelt pose problems for natural vegetation.

The work is part of a larger plan, the Tonto National Forest Lakes Habitat Improvement Project, which seeks to help bass and crappie bounce back and boost the sustainability — and fishing prospects — of Salt River reservoirs and Bartlett Lake.

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Arizona Game and Fish Installs Artificial Fish Habitat in Roosevelt Lake

Invasive Algae Kills Thousands of Shad in Arizona Lake

Apache Lake, Arizona (photo by Bernard Gagnon).

A population explosion of golden algae, a fast-growing invasive plant, has killed thousands of threadfin shad and some gizzard shad at Apache Lake, a reservoir in central Arizona.

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Algal Toxin Kills Thousands Of Fish In Apache Lake

Awesome anglers, from Zane Grey to Hemingway

Everyone enjoys a good fish story, but how do you tell the true legends from the small fry? Should you go with individual achievement, like the man who landed a 1,600-pound shark in the Bahamas using only a boat anchor, or stick to amazing anglers like Sri Lankan stilt fishermen or the Chinese people that fished using cormorants and otters? It was a tough call, but for this article, I decided to go with the legends whose tales lured today’s great fishermen to the sport and still inspire them: the anglers’ anglers, in other words.

Top 5 most legendary fishermen